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    I have an uncle who is interested in learning about technical analysis and I am supposed to forward to him a list of good content websites as well as some training videos. It's been a while since I learned TA, so what sites are considered to have good content to learn from or videos to follow along with?

    I am also suggesting a few good TA books: so far I have:
    Bruce Kamich : How TA Works
    any other high reco books?
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  3. Hey cortez27,
    Tell your uncle to check out www.babypips.com

    it really is about currency trading but has info about technical analysis that relates to anything.

  4. Tell your uncle to skip TA, and find something that works.
  5. I learned a lot about TA from living near Ole Miss University when I was growing up.

    OH, you mean TA as in Technical Analysis...

    Sorry..Wrong TA.

    But really, I would say to check out Stan Weinstein's book. No shit, that is THE best book on TA. Period. If I had to pick one book on the basics of TA, that would be the one. Simple and effective. No frills, and it avoids the esoteric and subjective....a very very solid foundation. After that, he may want to venture out, but seriously get the book. It is cheap as hell and even has little quizzes at the end of each chapter.

    Disregard Rcanfiel. TA must have pissed in his Wheaties or something.

    TA can and will go wrong if you make it into some sort of exact science or some sort of prediction mechanism...keep it simple and trade with price flow and momentum. Add your own nuances and artistic touch as you see fit...but don't listen to people that say TA doesn't work...

    To fail at trading isn't TA's fault, there is much more than just the method at work in successful trading. Remember that. Good luck.
  6. Please stop spreading this bullshit just because you did not make it as a technical trader.

    I honestly believe you think TA is some voodoo fantasy stuff that is worthless.

    That is how sad your comments look in the eyes of those that do make it work.

    Say, I cannot make it work, but generalizing is plain idiotic.

  7. The bullshit is people who continue to claim that it works.

    Every time it is put to serious, independent, longterm, multiple-instrument studies, and adjusted for all trading costs, it fails to reasonably outperform.

    I have already said many times, that pure price action is not considered as part of TA, for any of my TA-related posts in ET.

    And the response from TA-philes is the same. "Of course it works, don't be stupid."

    The true answer is, "if TA works, prove it."

    Anek, you may post the convincing, rigid & robust proof that has a high statistically-sound confidence level and reasonable industry-accepted trading statistics, satisfying a multiyear, across-instrument outperformance below. Otherwise, stop posting beliefs or opinons. "works for me" or "works for someone I know" or "you just have to know how to fiddle with the indicators" is not proof.
  8. rcanfiel: You are making a total fool of yourself.

    Price is not part of TA !?!??!?!? Excuse me !?!??!

    Technical Analysis IS the study of price!

    How can you pretend you have studied TA when you are making such confusions?!

    Have you ever tested a technical method for trading yourself or are you a rambling lunatic?

    If so, please do tell us, which one!

    Your affirmations are an insult to all people who actually work with TA. Furthermore, I don't think you have ever seen a technical analyst dissing a fundamentalist. It's simply nonsense and a waste of time.
  9. The study and research that is "Pure Price Action"



    Technical Analysis.

    When you start adding to that you dilute it.
  10. Well, it is nice to know that you have blown everyone out of the water who happens to think that pure price action can be scraped out of something as useless. Your arguments are absolutely riveting and convincing. Throw up some obsenities, insults, and provide no content or proof of your points...

    You need to study the concept of throwing around terms like "all" or "always." This is a sign of an ignoramus.

    TA outside of pure price action is relatively useless. I gave Anek the chance to prove otherwise, but he said nothing. I see you had nothing better to add.

    When you go and convince the number of others on ET who happen to think TA sucks but pure price action is the way to go, I will consider listening. If you are ignorant of that group, then I believe it is you who are the total fool.

    In the meantime, you are just passing gas, and were put into ignore. Do me a favor and do likewise.
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