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    (The following applies to technical indicators in the public domain.)

    (1) The vast majority of technical indicators are too weak to provide an edge. If they weren't weak, they wouldn't be free. Think about it.

    (2) The majority of technical indicators are hodgepodge formulae with little basis in logic. Just because something is arcane and "complicated", that doesn't automatically make it valuable.

    (3) There's a reason why there are no performance stats in the vast majority of TA books.
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    this sh*t is played now...

    It would seem to me that the only reason TA would be good for anything is because enough people use them, hence you'd want to be watching what most people watch, the basics... it's old stuff to measure markets. I dont think it was meant to be predictive in anyway.

    why the hell would i want to know or watch something that nobody is watching.
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    To learn something that nobody else knows? :eek:
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    good luck with that
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    b/c of the black swans.how many time do i have to repeat??

    OHLC is enough to make money,until you encounter the swan.
  6. T A works 50 % of the time , t a is the ability to read a chart /road map etc , a load of the information on theses charts is historical and related to past noise and imperfect price gyrations . Big farts like Trichet , helicopter Ben others open their mouths or even have a fart or worse blow wind will make false gyrations on prices on charts.

    Same pattern on charts have different outcome.

    The past does not tell you which clowns are going to blow wind and when in the future they will blow a fart.
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    Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
  8. when Mario Draghi WHISPERED the markets rose 300 pips , when Super Mario released wind from his arse , the markets fell 300 pips , technical anylysis makes you make a profit /loss depending on wHich day you analyze Super Mario.

    Now would you like to buy a course from some scammers with big buttocks i.e hindsight ?THEY WILL TEACH HOW TO TRADE DARGHI.
  9. Your past was a 1 post poster , even a fuckin idiot would have told you to read past charts to succeed.
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    Even idiots can succed with TA.
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