TA can't predict that a large order will be placed now and not in 15 min, 1 hour, etc

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  1. I witnessed how a large bank placed large orders at random times.

    TA just can't predict that the order will be placed now and not in 15 min, 1 hr, 2 hrs, etc.

    You may watch all intraday TA indicators, yet they can't anticipate the large order that will break all support/resistance, tends, overbought/oversold, etc.

    Conclusion: TA is worthless.
    TA is only recommended by brokers who want you to generate lots of commissions from frequent trading.
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    Predict? Anticipate?

    Where in hell did you ever get the idea that T/A predicts or anticipates market action?
  3. Brakes in a car won't help you if a tractor trailer smashes you from the side.

    Conclusion: Brakes are worthless.
    Brakes are only recommended by auto dealers who want to increase costs for repair by forcing you to change them every 30,000 miles.
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    I never heard of any type of TA being used by someone to try to predict when large banks are placing large orders. Therefore, where are you reading this stuff and are you sure it's TA. :confused:

    Heck, you don't need TA to tell you when large orders are most likely to appear. Just open up any international economic calendar...it will be accurate most of the time in telling you when large orders are most likely to appear.


    By the way, you still think that your chart analysis is not TA ???

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    Man will you listen to yourself. You have 3300 posts and contribute nothing but random threads how short term trading sucks and it is impossible to make a living at it etc, etc. It is clear you do not have what it takes to be a trader and should contribute 3300 post on some board where you actually do something in that field. I know I sure has hell wouldn't write 3300 long winded messages on a cigar smokers board if I never smoked, makes sense right?
  6. I tried to take a screw out of the wall with a pencil. The damn thing just kept breaking.

    Conclusion#1: Pencils are worthless
    Conclusion #2: It is impossible to get a screw out of the wall.

    I had better start a thread warning people about pencils. They are sold everywhere and I know they don’t work.
  7. Most large orders these days are done through algo's over the course of an entire day. Not just dumped at market, that would be stupid and your clients would not be very happy.
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    Obviously, you've not been watching the US Treasury exit their C position...
  9. They would fall into the 'stupid' category. :D
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    Try a ballpoint pen yo! They are super strong!!
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