TA and the Federal Reserve

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  1. listening to Larry Berman http://www.etfcm.com/ on BNN this morning, he mentioned
    the US Fed Reserve and Technical Analysis in the fx markets

    google: federal reserve technical analysis ~ and you'll see there's 5+M results and the
    research done/commissioned by various Feds had been ongoing for a few decades

    here's one pdf, original dates from 1996
  2. Damn, Great post. Thanks!
  3. good read.

  4. Well now! That's gonna fry a cart load of ant-TA trolls on ET :D :D :D

    Guess they will just have to dig deeper to keep their heads buried in the garbage that TA doesn't work and they are the prime proof of its failure.

    Guess where the failure lies guys?
  5. Now things are about to get interesting in this section. If TA was pure junk science, I doubt the nation's central bank (who emloys some of the sharpest minds) would be using it.
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    It should bother them now after you've shown up in this thread to taunt and ridicule them again. :(