TA alerts delivered to your email/sms

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by crash n burn, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Gday

    I am trying to find a good service provider that offers standard real-time intraday TA alerts (i.e. RSI, EMA, Stochastics) on the main US/EU future indexes (i.e. DAX, ES) and sends it to your mailbox or sms.

    Can you please recommend some?
  2. Yes, I recommend not blindly following TA indicators. Most to almost all newer traders follow TA and it is believed 90-95% of traders lose (and most of the 5-10% are more likely breakeven, short term profitable, small profits, etc.).

    IF TA were that easy, every hedge fund, investment bank and financial institution, and every large investor would be doing this. It is never that simple.

    If you plan to trade money, you need to put in the time to understand how to trade - sound money management, finding 1+ edges that work, etc. One oft-mentioned thing here is learning price action.

    But your post is almost frighteningly naive. Don't hurt yourself by trying to follow the masses over the cliff.