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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Sonofortunato, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. Is there anyone who knows any Active-X components to build TA software.

    I know: http://www.modulusfe.com
    But their chart Active-X is very expensive.

  2. DEM


    Have a look at http://ta-lib.org/

    Why don't you programm it yourself? It's pretty easy...
  3. Modulus is also listed on ta-lib.org's page. They have some kind of relationship and from what I understand, modulus is very good - way better. $130 without source is cheap, and $290 bucks with source code to all those indicators is still cheap. Just my two bytes. :eek:
  4. Thank you for your infos :)

    I posted this message, because I wanted to know if there are other cool, brilliant SDKs, APIs out there.

    TA-LIB seems to be a great API. And it's more than cheap. I think I will play a little bit with the API this week. Thank you.

    Last year I bought the SDK from FM Labs.
    It's a cool SDK but the chart features are poor.

    The ModulusFe chart active-x seems brilliant (I only saw the features movie), but they want round about 1200 USD for the developers version.

    I know 1200 USD are not much, if you calculate production time = money.
  5. mfortier


    ticktacktow: Just to clarify that there is no relationship between Modulus and TA-Lib. Only that at some point Modulus library was called TA-Lib as well, they rename it TA-SDK last year.

    Sonofortunato: I am happy if the TA functions of TA-Lib end-up to be useful to you. For better window integration, I am planning to add the same API for .NET/COM (within 6 to 8 months). It is work in progress, so do not hesitate if you need any assistance.

    \Mario (mfortier@ta-lib.org)
  6. Keep us informed :) mfortier

  7. DEM


    I'd very interested, in what kind of application you are designing... is it privat, or do you do a commercial projekt? What kind of language do you use?

    I'm the author of a charting environment - but not the usual stuff. It just does Renko-Charts. It became a commercial projekt some month ago - and it is fun to do besides my swingtrading. It's completly written in Visual Basic 6, no need fo C++.

    Maybe we can organize a place where financial programmer can meet - information about financial programming seems to be rare.

  8. Cool DEM,
    let us see some screenshots of your renko charts :) Where can we find your software.

    One and a half year ago i started to program a little TA app. (For me and it was only a hobby)
    But the little project growed and growed.
    And it became commercial ...
    Well, and next week i hope to do the last codings.

    You can see screenshots:

    First I started to program it with the whole MS Visual Studio suit (although VisualBasic alone is perfect for this job).

    But, because I am also working on Macs, and Microsoft VisualStudio is not made for Macs, i rebuilt it with Macromedia Director.
    (Director is for Win and Mac)

    About your idea:
    I think the idea to open a financial programming forum section is great.
    Very good idea ... perhaps it could be a place for nice suggestions.

    PS: Renkos are cool.
  9. DEM


    Hi Sonofortunato,

    the Design is really cool :D need to work on that side.

    My charts are looking like that one:

    I'm still having troubles with all the data-issues. How do you handle this?