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  1. mb_es


    Anyone have any feedback about T3 as a prop firm?
  2. Rocco11


    I can give you some personal experience as I just switched over to that firm. I have only been there a few months so I do not have that much exposure. I have been at 4 different prop firms in my 14 year trading career and most people on here are going to go off on all of them mostly because they are failed prop traders and they have to blame someone. I will just give you pros on why I went over. I got lower commissions. 30% lower and that made a difference fro me as I trade 75-125k a day. if you are a swing trader, commissions may not matter. I also trade pairs and T3 had the Iris pairs system and made me an offer on Buying Power that I couldn't refuse. If you don't trade pairs, this won't matter to you. You get access to T3 live etc. with them, but I just appreciate the attention I get when I have questions/issues etc. They are on the ball. I had issues with my last firm with getting responses, delayed information etc. Obviously there are only a handful of people who make it in prop, so do what you can to keep your costs down. Trading firms do not make the trader, but a bad trading firm will kill a trader imo. It's all about costs. Best of luck as this is a hard business
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    That's pretty funny, I interviewed with T3, although a reputable staff and nice office, I found them to be the most expensive firm on the street. Most of the traders there are paying 3-5 per 1000. Like really what is this 1995, I will stick with the shady firm I am with and pay 1.50 / 99%.
  4. Rocco11


    I hear you Buzzy. That is what I was paying at my old firm. But that is not what I got at T3. I guess it depends on the branch as NYC office is def more expensive, but I am out west. I have friends that go to shady firms for that price you get and the difference of .0025 to .0015 isn't enough for me to go that route. But I also probably do less shares than you and if I was doing massive volume, I would probably go your route based on numbers. Makes sense. I just don't trade that big like I used to. If I do 2 million a month right now, it is a lot. Used to do 2-3 million a week easy. Just getting old I guess lol. I think these offices all come down to your style. They are very similar. I also wanted that specific pairs program. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time, but pairs is def not exciting and why I still trade prop also. Good luck