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    Hi all.
    I went to T3 trading Capital and they offered me the following deal.

    -90/10 split.
    -10x1 laverage (up to 50x1 with more experience)
    -No desk fee
    -No monthly fees
    -3 to 5 weeks Training
    -They ask for 10k up front.
    -lightspeed platform
    -almost 200 traders in their trading floor.
    -T3 virtual trading floor

    Great Trading Office, lots of HUGE traders in that office. (The top guy made almost 1 million buck in one week), very nice people overall.

    Im new in this environment, so I want to know if this is a good deal for a No-experience newbie.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. it is obvious that you are a shill for T3 here and you trying to recruit.

    I heard T3 has a big problem for his past operation practices with CBSX! so every one need to be careful. i will post the link when i get more info,

    Meanwhile no one is stupid here, you didnt post this question to get some info. there is a lot of good and bad stuff about T3 here and in google.

    Elite traders is not a FREE RECRUITMENT PLACE for you to come and BS us .

    Go and change your ID and start different way, this is NOT GONNA WORK
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    What are you talking about?? I don't work for T3 or any other prop firm. Look at my history here in ET, I've been looking for help over the past 2 weeks. People like you have destroyed this site. If you dont have anything to say, then shut up.
  4. Roark


    The 0.006 seems way too high considering that you can get 0.005 with IB and keep 100% of your profits, as opposed to just 90%. If you have the 10K, why don't you just trade with IB? If you need some hand-holding, chat it up with Robert Weinstein at paid2trade.com
  5. NKNY


    why split profits, especially with that commission...

    You can do better....

  6. cstfx


    CBSX has to have split. Been talked about here before.

    Rate is WAY too high. You can get a better starting deal from a well known FINRA firm that is a sponsor on this site and he will give you all kinds of leverage if you prove yourself. And you keep 100%.

    Also, they can't fit 200 bodies on that floor.
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    I'm actually with a cbsx firm and I keep 100 percent.

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    I was looking at the t3 office in Boca Raton yesterday. They have about 40 traders in their office. I actually went there to see the Schonfeld office, which is not what it used to be. Can someone tell me anything about the Boca t3 office.
  9. First, have a respect and watch your language,

    Second for a new trader .006 is not much, how many share do you think you gonna trade as a new trader? 50000 share per month

    so lets say they charging you ,001 or .002 extra compare to another firm then you pay additional $50 or $ 100 PEr month.

    is it a big deal for a new trader that wants to get in the bziness!
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    I'm looking to get out of the house. I need some human contact and it wouldnt hurt getting dressed every morning to go to work. I didn't meet with any of those guys mentioned. I met with a guy named Paolo, any word on him?
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