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    Hello Everyone,

    I recently just got in touch with the head trader at T3 Trading Group.

    The purpose of this was to ask for advice or a position even as an intern because the advice that i keep getting from everyone is to seek professional help in order to increase my chances for success in this field where majority fails due to many reasons. Everyone tells me to try to surround myself with professional traders who actually make a living from trading and not go for online scams that have no proven track record. Also from this review from Trading Schools https://www.tradingschools.org/reviews/t3-trading-group/comment-page-1/, and the fact that they are regulated and under the auspices of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra), I decided to contact T3 Trading and seek for opportunities.

    Now after exchanging a few emails with the head trader we scheduled a call to discuss further details over the phone.

    After this, i decided to further investigate and came across many mixed reviews online.

    I need your help here guys. Do you recommend going down this path if the opportunity is presented to me? Does this prop shop have any successful traders or does T3 only make money from commissions? Would this be a good environment for me to get involved in and hopefully ease up the learning curve? I am aware that i probably have to put down $2500 in order to earn a seat in their professional trading team, utilize their technologies, methods and commission structure. But i wonder, are there any other hidden fees that will basically overpower my profits leaving me with slim chance of success. What do you guys think i should do? Go down this path if opportunity is presented or not? Please help me out herebecause at first i was very enthusiastic but now after reading some stuff about other's experiences online, i feel a little bit iffy about it. I'm looking forward to your opinions. Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.
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    I can't offer specific information on the company, but based on the link you provided, this looks more appealing than the "we will fund you" outfits.

    • Minimum Deposit $2,500
    • Buying power up to 50:1 for day trades
    • Buying power up to 6:1 for overnight trades
    • 50 cents per hundred shares traded
    • 95/5 profit split
    • $100 monthly software cost
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  3. Overnight


    I wouldn't trust "Dr. Emmet Moore" as far as I could throw him. If he gives 5 stars across the board in a review, he is in cahoots with the place. Just my HO.

    Best bet for you is to send them your money, and see how it works out for you.
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    Well according to T3 they "offer purely educational service .... designed solely for coaching purposes" and " there is no portfolio approach and no performance data". So without any actual executed trades or track record, there is nothing measure they effectiveness. I see them as all vendor/no trader. And I do not trust Moore at all.
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  5. Stockboy


    greetings Frank, I have not had any experience with this firm. I am very curious however this gentleman with the title of "head trader", what does that role actually encompass? Did you talk to Scott Redler??? if so that would be a cool experience, no? Did you ask him for a stock pix?? Ive heard rumors he can be real d*** tho, was he cool AF tho bro?? Tellem I said wassup tho bro, and stock pix bro. always ask for the stocks pix. but yes, so...

    anyways, lots of questions/posts on this forums without any actual specific questions. What exactly are you asking?? If this company is going to take you from scratch and turn you into a bazillionaire coke guzzling trader? for just $19.95 down payment? Dont mean to be douche dude, if your goal is to be a trader you gotta go for it and you will find a way. With that said, aint nobody is gonna sell you handcrafted Italian Ferrari for $19.95. You gotta be a realist.

    Do you have any specific questions? did you discuss any hidden fees with this "head trader"? Did you ask about the learning structure? With Covid it may be impossible now, but normally you should have asked to visit the trading floor as well, and been socially apt and talked to actual traders at the firm.

    furthermore, how are we supposed to know what you are able to negotiate with this "head trader" in your contract?? you should know whats in your contract about fees, and anything related to your business dealings in all situations in life. Some random dudes on a forum cant know what you negotiated and confirmed is in your deals.

    If youd like to share more about your situation Im sure members on this forum dont mind giving their time to offer guidance. Are you brand new to trading? why are you interested in going prop? Personally, it sounds to me as tho youre under the assumption that being a bazillionaire coke guzzling trader is a human right, and someone must mentor and do some serious hand-holding because they is supposed to or something? I hope not Frank.

    (same entitlement where new traders were whining about trading commissions, I mean its not like the broker is in business or something... just want and demand everything should be free and given cause thats how it be in Stalingrad yo.)

    Sorry and I really hope this is not the case with you Frank, I am sure there is some members here who have had experience with the firm you mentioned, and hopefully theyll reach out to you.

    this can be a real mind numbing business man, not sure what youre looking for exactly.If you got the determination & the realist mindset you will succeed.

    And welcome !
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  6. qlai


    Why not SMB?
  7. frank7


    Hey thanks for taking the time to write this.

    As for contract and other details that you are seeking, i'd be happy to share but I haven't been down that path yet. I am waiting to discuss these things over the phone with the head trader in the next day or two during the scheduled call.

    And no i am not brand new to trading and i am not under the assumption that being a being a bazillionaire coke guzzling trader is a human right, and someone must mentor and do some serious hand-holding.

    I just simply believe that if one wants to succeed in something, especially in trading which many have failed at and continue to do so for many reasons, one has to put in the work and also to increase the chances of success one has to interact and learn from people who are already successful at this. In the trading world, this is something very hard to find online as many people claim to be successful but in reality they are just full of shit, scammers and make money from educations courses. So with this in mind, i thought to myself, instead of searching for online community who provide no actual proof of successful trading, let me actually look for prop trading firms, legit ones who are actually backed and regulated by some governing bodies in this field. This is when upon T3. Did a bit of research then decided to send an email seeking advice and if there are any opportunities such as intern or whatever it may be to allow me to actually shadow real profitable traders who do this for a living and learn as much as i can and if allowed, to slowly start implementing these ideas. From there i received an answer from the senior trader and scheduled a call in the upcoming days.
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    Idk, i did a bit of research and these guys are not even registered with any governing bodies. How do i know these guys are legit and they are not just making money from the 5K educational courses that they sell. I could be wrong but i would want to see some type of credentials and so far i haven't found anything on this regarding SMB. Again i could be wrong but that's why we are here, to exchange ideas, opinions, share useful information, and find a common ground.
  9. smallfil


    T3 used to be the Pristine Method taught by Greg Capra and Oliver Velez. Now to be fair, they revised the manual if I am not mistaken and made some changes as they have new people now teaching. Greg Capra's daughter I believe now runs T3. I bought the Pristine Method manual and DVDs on Ebay from an ex-student. I think I paid like $250 for all. On the plus side, it gives structure to your trading. On the negative, most of it is now available on You Tube. My suggestion which is a way cheaper alternative, read Stan Weinstein's book, Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets. That should be more than enough to make you a competent trader if you are serious enough to read and understand the subject matter. Add You Tube videos to supplement this. "For the record, I am not affiliated with T3 or even Stan Weinstein. "
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    Here is a comment from https://www.tradingschools.org/reviews/t3-trading-group/comment-page-1/#comments.
    Based on this, it might not be a very good deal.
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