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  1. I just had a quick look at this sponsers site. Does any one know anything about them/ have any experience with their courses?
  2. nobody has any idea about them?
  3. Never used their service nor am not a fan of paying for things like that.

    What I can say is that there are some very legit traders at T3 capital. Heard that some make 100k+ on good days, granted they probably have huge access to capital.
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    Had to type in their address by hand to get to their site, and then it loaded very slow. Maybe just me, but if they are paying they should double check their links are working.
  5. I haven't purchased their training programs however I have subscribed to the Virtual Trading Floor and T3TV for the last 6 months. I have viewed some of the free training content and found it to be very good. They are definitely teaching the right approach.

    The chatroom is the best I have ever been a member of and I've tried a bunch. The traders are really good and answer questions for the newbies on the site. The technology is also much better than on other sites. They have the top traders mic'd up for sound and you can view their positions as well. They also show top P&L's and some other cool things that prob won't make you too much money but are definitely innovative.

    I recommend the site but I'm sure its not for everyone. They do offer a free trial for time, not sure how long maybe a week or two. Hope this helped
  6. Good traders. Good site. Good guys. Good resources.
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    the best of the best

    No need to waste resources on second rate operations