T3 Live Courses Available for a small donation

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  1. ZaydenZ


    I have spent over $10 on T3 courese. I am putting it up here for sale because I do know there is value. I am willing to let them go for 1/10 of the cost becuase I know it will help someone termnedously and save money. Let me know if you are interestesd.

    Happy Trading.

  2. So you're selling them for a dollar? Really shows T3's worth.
  3. ZaydenZ


    If that's all you can afford, I am sorry I couldn't help ya.

    These courses are in the access of $7k. You can certainly pay T3 Live and pay $7k or you can make me an offer.

    thanks for checking out the thread.
  4. EduTrade

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    Got T3 Courses for sale too, all of them

    Honestly, they were good but not great but then again..nothing really is

    active trader course was a good one and perhaps the best
    trade the morning and momentum trader course was good too but active trader was better
    swing trading course was good but nothing special
    In the black rob smith candlestick course was okay as well

    i am willing to sell them or even exchange them with anyone for some one the stuff i am looking for, PM me either way
  5. mrhino23


    Do you still have in the black I know this post was from quite a long time ago. I'm new to the site couldn't quite figure out how to PM. If so please let me know I'd be interested. Thanks.
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  6. ZaydenZ


    Yes. I do. I have the course and the manual.
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  7. Hi,

    Do you still have this course for sale?
  8. ZaydenZ


    Yes. Please send me a direct message. Thanks.
  9. Sent.
  10. Is in the black course still available ?
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