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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ssblack, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. ssblack


    Has anyone tried to automate the T3 Fibs trading system from Nexgen software services? Does anyone use it? Not sure about the price tag, but it otherwise looks pretty solid. Drummond's method just isn't cutting it for me anymore, I can't figure it out well enough. I'm sure I'll shoot myself in the foot later for saying that. :D

    Any help is appreciated. If this is the wrong forum, do please move it.
  2. T3 is by far NOTHING special (or anything better than kwikpop)...I know someone who paid $8,000 for T3 a year ago and it was collecting dust by month two....pass on this one if your smart.
  3. best bang for the buck I have seen recently for fibs is Ensign. Pattern recogniton and such. Sierra Chart has added some basic fib stuff recently. Look up Nexgen on ET you will see lots of complaints.


    If someone is unhappy with their Nexgen software, I'm willing to buy, as long as the license can be transfered.
  5. ill offer a nickel


    I don't know. I just spent 10 days going thorugh their training and it seems very promising.
    My problem is not being able to afford the price.