T3 charging $10 a 1000 shares is this for real

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    A friend of mine interviewed with T3 in NY for their junior trader training and said everything sounded good until they told him the structure is 10.00 a 1000 shares with a 70% payout. (this is with capital up). They told him after six months possible he can be at 7.00 a 1000 shares. I thought Oliver Velez was bad what the hell is going on over there?
  2. Nope not even close. Call them up see what they say. I have a buddy who put up 20k and got 95% at.00275
  3. ^ found this interesting
  4. Hi guys,

    Do you know if T3 are accepting non-US traders.

  5. Does anyone else have any feedback on T3? I've called them three times this month. Three times they have taken down my information, told me I would receive a call back, and I have never heard from them.

    I take that to be a very bad sign if that is what their customer service is like.
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  7. The prices are going to go up eventually, it's only a matter of time. Accessing that type of leverage with such low clearing rates and so little capital is not going to be around for long. The new regulations have hit wall street hard and since prop-firms are among the smaller firms on the street, they will be suffering the most collateral damage. You can also expect regulators to go after them because they are small. It's more difficult to pursue larger firms and elite white-collar crime because of the legal resources they have. I'm working with the assumption that $10 for 1k shares is a rip off but rates will climb that way as regulations become more burdensome and expensive and competition becomes few and far in between. We've already been seeing that the last few years.
  8. $10 per 1000 is not a rip off it is absolutely CRIMINAL!

    where are the Regulators?
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    Why would you go with a firm that has one of its managing partners disciplined by CBOE. There are many prop firms out there.

    http://www.cboe.com/framed/PDFframe...CBOE - CBOE
  10. The regulators are the ones who are causing the prices to go up. Burdensome regulations have real consequences on firms, especially smaller firms. The new regulatory climate is tough. It costs 600-1000 dollars just to register to open an account these days. Things aren't looking too bright in the future for prop-trading.

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