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  1. Hey Guys,
    I've seen a few threads on T3 Capital but not much response. Are they Affiliated with Tuco trading or Nexis Capital. I’ve seen good and bad things about T3. 80/20 splits and their training program. Any other insight on T3?
  2. No one has any insight?
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    no one seems to have anything on T3, maybe by tonite bro
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    Sorry Man. I got offered an interview there a while back. Heard it was a group thing. Looked for info on these boards, found little if anything. If it helps I could tell you I chose not to pursue the interview. but thats just me.
  5. I've been called by T3 as well, and hit the same wall. No information on the web. Mickey and I played phone tag for a few days and I gave up. Please let us know what you find. I'm looking for a prop firm, too.
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    I actually cancelled my flight out there two hours before the flight today, had an interview tomorrow. I have to many unanswered questions about them to justify the flight out there at this time. Heard alot of crap about nexis capital, which I have gathered to be T3, or T3 used to be nexis, something like that. any insight on these guys would be helpfull. I did write an e-mail to these guys stating some of my questions, no response yet. They may be great, but I need some clarification before I commit to traveling out there. They were very reluctant to answer my questions about their program and fees, etc, over the phone.
  7. i spoke with them on the phone as well - at the end of the convo he assumed I wanted to interview in person and said to be out in there on such and such date without asking what would work for me - I emailed him the next day saying I was going to pursue other options. I could find little or no information - a friend in the business has never heard of them and says it sounds shady. I am glad I did and ended up taking an offer from another firm
  8. I trade for T3 capital and I will answer all your questions.
    1)T3 Capital is a new equity trading firm that was created via the merger of Nexis Capital and Sperling Enterprises.
    2)They take on experienced traders as well as new traders. New traders undergo extensive training to give them a sound base to learn on.
    4)T3 Live, a live interactive online trading community built by traders for traders is given to each trader who trades for T3. On T3 live you will find T3 Radio, which has 5 to 6 of the most experienced traders mic'd up talking through each trade they make and what they see in the market. There is also T3 video which has daily "game plans" and daily "recaps" as well as a "play of the day" and various training videos for everyone to watch.

    As far as I know T3 is the only firm doing this. They house some of the biggest short term traders on the street, CSO has been on CNBC on numerous occasions.
  9. What about the 80/20 splits and other poor reviews on Nexis? Are they true or not?
  10. I am not sure of the rates, but they are very competitive
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