t3 a legitimate firm

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  1. does the firm model stand up as hedge fund? safe for traders.
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    safe? Nothing is safe!

    LTCM, Madoff, Lehman ... the list is endless:D :D :D :D
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    Do they take deposits? If not, then I'd say they are safe.
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    If they take deposits, which they do, (described as tuition, fee) why would that make them NOT safe?

    I am new to the whole prop thing....but strongly considering going in this direction. The fee is small, and apparently reimbursable, however I am still skeptical about the whole deposit process. The "I give you 5K, you give me 100K to trade model" doesn't really sit well with me.

    The place seems legit.....very nice facility with nice guys all around, but any additional information would be helpful.

  5. There is nothing "unsafe" about paying a deposit/fee for tuition if you are getting education.

    Paying 5k to get 100k in buying power is available at many prop firms, but you usually have to become "registered" as a member.

    What makes it a concern is when a firm commingles a deposit for training/education and then says it's for a trading account.
  6. T3 is legitimate. Mark Sperling runs the firm.
  7. will be returned if the trader decides to leave any point in future?

  8. Can you tell us more about Mr. Sperling ?
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    I want a remote prop trading account. I am having 5 years of experience in trading NYSE and NASDAQ. Most of the firms are asking for profit. Then what is the meaning of prop trading?

    How can i prove them i am an experienced trader without depositing the money...?

    I want to open up a branch in INDIA where i have more than 25 experienced traders.

    Is there any firm willing to invest? If any deal is there then kindly reply.