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    Hi guys,

    I trade intraday only. Do you think having a T1 line would help. Iv heard information is 6 seconds faster. Is that true?

    Also, I am not very good with computer specs. What is the optimal computer specs(high speed, etc.)?

    Maybe this will help in getting better prcing info.

    Thanks for the responses.
  2. It can't be 6 seconds faster. Perhaps 6 milliseconds?

    The one advantage I can see of going with a T1 is reliability and predictability when it comes to speed (latency).

  3. T1 is about 1.5 mbps.

    Any DSL or cable connection is about the same speed!
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    Skip the T1. My Comcast is 8mb, with 12mb burst. Can't see needing anything faster. Very fast ES fills with IB.

    If you are that worried about speed, more focus should be put towards broker/feed... ex. Ninja/Zenfire feed or TT X-Trader typically fastest around.
  5. Yea, skip the T1. My Comcast cable is 15 Mbps. I have a mobile broadband card as backup.
  6. You don't need a T1 line and it isn't anywhere near 6 seconds faster than a regular internet connection.

    Your ping time to your broker should be well under 100 ms. For example, to check your internet connection ping time to IB do "ping gw1.ibllc.com" at the Windows command prompt. I have a slow DSL connection and my ping time is 49 ms.

    The current most cost effective high speed internet connection available is Verizon FIOS.
  7. dsq


    i have dial up and cable and there is no difference or lag.Im on the quotetracker platform.I dont know how bandwidth would be an issue when you just down/up loading extremely small text data (ie quotes and trade orders).Im no pc expert but data size is what slows down speed right?
  8. rcj


    Your latency is pretty good. Of course, location, provider and routing will pretty much determine latency and even bandwidth.
    Im WSW of Houston with Windstream. Roundtrip to IB has increased from approx 68ms to 90ms. w/14hops over the past couple of months. In March Windstream had to do some major "maintainance" in my area and re-route local traffic.
    Latency dropped to 48ms r/t IB during that time..:D
  9. Aok


    Telco Technology has made T1 bandwidth almost unecessary.

    Search the forums for dual wan router and get cable/dsl lines and for 99.8% of the time your speed and reliability are pretty much non considerations.

    I say almost because in the black swan event where BOTH your dsl and cable suffered a MAJOR problem at the same time, the T-1 suffering a similar catastrophe would probably be back on line sooner.

    Then again there are some advantages to T-1 line and they can be had nowadays for
    $400 or so.
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    T1 circuits have been delivered over HDSL, HDSL2, and HDSL4 for more than 10 years in the United States. You can read more about the history of HDSL here. I suggest that you not order a T1 unless you like the idea of paying $375 more per month for your DSL. Thanks for the chuckle. :)
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