T. Rowe, Fidelity Score Green Light for ETFs That Hide Holdings

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    Chronicles of Paranormal Activity - Season one - Episode :


    Screenshot (180).png
    (green line at the top ,,Exclusive offer'' , - yes, yes, exclusive indeed.)

    Folks aren't doing well with math either,

    12 x $1.99 per month, - $23.88 per year, with refunds & option to cancel,


    $340 per year - without refunds.
    (Can't decide which one to choose, gonna contact the client service)

    Honestly, if that's a life long subscription, that is paid once, they should make it more clear. Unless that extra ,, * '' indicates that (?)

    ,,But it remains unclear whether retail investors will adopt the model over traditional ETFs that keep their holdings public.''

    How many of them - check out those holdings...?
    5% - 10% ?

    Then, how many of them know what is BETA and exposure ?
    0.5% - 1% ?

    I mean, such ETF, with good marketing, still should be able, to attract as much as 70%-90% of attention, comparing with usual/open/visible/unlocked ETFs ;
    people who buy those ETFs - they don't care about the holdings that much.
    They look at returns and fees.

    If you would place, in a front of simple average Joe (retailer), 10 choices for ETFs & 5 of those would be absolute trash, while 3 decent & 2 good ones, what would be the chances, that he would end up with the best two...

    My point is , that they will adopt.

    They adopted Bitconnect, they will adopt this as well...:rolleyes:

    Warrens suggestion, to make earnings not quarterly , but yearly, so the CEOs and Directors board, wouldn't suffer that much of ,,stress''.

    That was something.
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