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  1. I noticed the following in the following threads that I have not seen anywhere else. I believe T-REX, LOS and OPTIONAL are the same:

    Quote from Losloslos:
    "It is very difficult to misunderstand your postings.
    U wish to talk about the fundamentals of your dedision during trading hours. I f your account is rising u r right. otherwise u r wrong.
    In any case the size of your yccount doenst depend on your mental outlook. i deüends on your money management.
    This is not the place to discuss this. I will follow your thread.
    Action , is what you need to show to this fas moving market.
    From this action u will get a feedback; measured in terms of a changin size of your account

    Simply staring at the bid/ask spread and telling yourself to be positive IS THE GAME.

    U have to learn a lot. I m sure u are a bad trader."

    Quote from T-REX:

    "U can join them. I'll c u 2 morrow morning also."

    Hmmm...you notice the use of shortcutting you to u? I have not seen that anywhere else. Very interesting.
  2. You might be right, but many people use these shortcuts. Most long time users of IRC know and use these shortcuts all the time. Sometimes this habit can hard to shake off.

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