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  1. T-REX


    After much thought and many request I have decided to post my trades in real time.

    Here it is.


    :) :)
  2. Posting trades in real time is only helpful for us if you fully describe your method and reasons behind your posts. We also like charts.

    Why not take care of describing your method and give us some sample charts/trades before Tuesday.

    Good Luck. May the force be with you.
  3. Actually there is something else that would be much more valuable to us than what you describe. Rather than fully describing his methods, providing insights and reasons behind his trades and instead of posting a bunch of charts with a ton of indicators on them that might confuse the issue even further, the thing that would be of most benefit is if T-REX would skip all the TA, and move right to the part where he hands me the keys to a new Mercedes. I'll take it in silver please.

    Thanks for listening.
  4. T-REX


    Today's Volatility Break-Out Working Orders

    Sell @ 1004.75 STOP-LIMIT
    Buy @ 1015.00 STOP-LIMIT

    Which ever order gets filled first the other working order becomes the trailing stop-loss.

    Initial profit target is 3.00 pts


    :) :) :)
  5. HELL YEAH!!
  6. Hmmm- a 3 point profit target but a 10.25 point trailing stop. Risk management at its best :D
  7. i didn't even notice that!

  8. T-REX


    Volatility 101

    there is no such thing as 3:1 or <.

    You must allow room for the market to ebb and flow.
    Money/Risk management is all about setting pre-determined stop-loss parameters before the trade so that you know how much you will allow the market to move against you before you bail.

    100:1 bet I don't get stopped out!!
  9. T-REX


    I've traded this methodology since 1999 and it has about a 93% accuracy rate and I've made alot of people alot of money including myself.

    I appreciate the laugh. I must admit it does at first glance look preposterous!!!

    I'm either an IDIOT or a GENIUS. (a little self esteem on the later)

    Let's have fun today!

    You guys are great!
    For my sake I hope I win this one.
  10. such a large range, probably true on not getting stopped out.

    few questions:

    1. if you are looking for breakouts, why just a 3 point target?

    2. what happens if you get filled but your target isn't reached by the close. Do you hold onto it and run the trailing stop overnight?
    #10     Sep 2, 2003
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