"T" print in T&S...

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by chetware, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. chetware


    T prints in T&S are third party, right? What other ecn could it be in NYSE besides Island?

    Sometimes I see a T print where the price is a fraction of a cent. eg. xx.2420 1000 T

    I first thought of Knight, but I thought Knight is currently in NASDAQ.
  2. Pipeline comes in as a T print.
  3. sorry -- and at a fraction of a cent.
  4. Ebo


    Ever hear of The Third market?
  5. alanm


    Do you mean the "exchange/source" (i.e. normally N for NYSE, P for ARCA, etc.) or the "condition"? If you're talking about the "condition", T is the indicator for "Form-T", which is basically any trade that occurs outside regular market hours (09:30-16:00 ET). I've never seen a T in the "exchange/source" field. ITS and block-crossing networks seem to print S.
  6. chetware


    yeah i meant the "exchange" ...N for NYSE, P for ARCA...

    i knew it was third party...

    i guess it time to read up on Pipeline...
  7. hhho


    pipeline shows up as "T" but its at the half cent, eg xx.2450 10000 T... but not .2420

    i am also confused by those prints at fraction of a cent and shows up as 'T". eg. xx.2420 1000 T.

    can anyone help?
  8. good point. I stand corrected.
  9. chetware


    I'm assuming that the "T" prints in the TAS are now "D" prints...

    Island seems to show up as "D" prints....and I guess third market...

    I still see a fraction of a price in these prints every now and then. Any idea if there is an ECN that can be used for this?