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  1. T-notes (ZN) today: anyone have any insight into today's volatility? And also, the move after the 2pm Chicago close yesterday was somewhat odd.
  2. Rumour did the roundsthat Michigan was coming in at 76.0. Wouldn't be surprised to see bonds smacked this afternoon.
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    Big paper seller in the pit in the last minute (sold 2000) yesterday in the T-Notes, a big Japanese account. Locals bought it from him down at 11.5 and bid it hard after the close, also a couple big 2:1 NOB's traded on the close, which helped the bid in the tens, along with stocks going down the drain. At least that is what I noticed.
  4. Sure hope so.. Shorted some.. Getting kinda nervous..
  5. Cover or HOLD?!!!!

    Sold at 111'01. Now it's 111'07!!
  6. Ebo


    Nervous Nelley, you will be covering those @ 110 1/2 unless you got shaken out already @ 111 '06. Patience my son!!!

  7. Ebo:

    Still holding. It backed off a little. Not much. 111'06. Don't like the charts. Look so frickin' strong. And if we have a mini-crash or a panic on Monday, people will rush to US Treasuries and it would gap up! F*ck!

    That's the worst case scenario. So, I'm down 5pts on it. Ok. The quote is now 111'055.

    But longer term, one know this can't last. Rates are going up.. But this trade was a short term trade. I don't want to use that reasoning for a short term trade. If I had intended to do a swing or position trade, then fine. BUT that's not the reason why I entered...

    So, that's why I'm nervous.. But something in Market Wizard said if the worst possible thing doesn't materialize then one should hold...

    It's back down to 111'05...

    hold or bail?!!

    p.s. Whoa. Back down to 111'04. Hmm.. this is supposed to be a good sign according to MW books right? When the worst don't materialize, one should hold?
  8. What is worst for you, 112?? :)

    I think you just got caught in a bit of a squeeze from those who sold/shorted after mich sentiment taking their lumps -- I bet they thought they were being real clever :D But imo you'll likely get a chance to scratch out monday morning so long as the entire world doesn't puke.
  9. illiquid,

    Does ZN trade overnite? WTF?! The quotes stop!!! I check CBOT website. Trading ends at 4PM CST. DOH!

    So, I should have gotten out at 111'045 when I had the chance. I forgot it's not Globex. I was hoping to cover tonight or over the weekend.

    I would be really screwed if it was 112!
    But I sold near the close at what then was relatively high. I was going the trend all day until I decided to go against it. :( Should have add to my other shorts rather than short one of the few things that were heading higher... DUMB!!!
  10. You'll get your first clues when bund opens sunday night, see how it reacts at highs of the year -- ECBOT opens like sunday 7pm CST i think, good luck!
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