T.Demark`s trend lines

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  1. Dan777


    Hi all,
    Does anybody use T.Demark`s trend lines in Tech Analysis? Can you advice me any free software which can draw them automatically?
  2. Tums


    It has DeMark on it... but don't know if it does the trendline thingy...
    I have not tried it... don't even know if it compiles...

    { Tom DeMark TD Setup Long/Short Entry Strategy
    Written by: HamFon
    Contact: [email]ncrowle@sprintmail.com[/email]
    Date: 07/27/2002, original 07/27/2002
    Revision: 1.00
    Status: Gnu Public License - this indicator may be used or shared freely with
    no fee, as long as this original header comment is included.
    Purpose: Generates a Buy or Sell Short order based on conditions price trend
    Source: Active Trader Magazine, July 2002, page 64.
    { Generates a Buy signal when:
    1) For each of the last 9 bars, the close is less than the close of the bar 4 bars earlier.
    Reverse everything for Sell Short signal.
    TimeStart (0), TimeEnd (0), { hhmm integer or 0 to ignore }
    AllowMultipleEntries (false), { blocks new trades if one already active }
    DoLong (true), DoShort (true)
    variables: CountLong (0), CountShort (0);
    if CurrentBar < 9 then begin
    CountLong = 0;
    CountShort = 0;
    end else begin
    if C >= C[4] then CountLong = 0
    else CountLong = CountLong + 1;
    if C <= C[4] then CountShort = 0
    else CountShort = CountShort + 1;
    if (AllowMultipleEntries or MarketPosition = 0)
    and (TimeStart = 0 or Time >= TimeStart) and (TimeEnd = 0 or time <= TimeEnd)
    then begin
    if DoLong and CountLong >= 9
    and (L < L[2] and L < L[3]) or (L[1] < L[2] and L[1] < L[3])
    then begin
    Buy ("TMSetupLE") next bar at C or higher;
    Alert ("Ham TMSetup LE");
    CountLong = 0;
    if DoShort and CountShort >= 9
    and (H > H[2] and H > H[3]) or (H[1] > H[2] and H[1] > H[3])
    then begin
    Sell Short ("TMSetupSE") next bar at C or lower;
    Alert ("Ham TMSetup SE");
    CountShort = 0;
  3. Tums


    don't know who is DeMark, or what Camouflage does... but here's the code...

    {TD Camouflage}
    Vars: expltr(0);
    Inputs: LL(5), HH(5), RiskPerc(3);
    Vars : Stp(0);
    Condition1 = Close < Close[1] and Low = Lowest(Low,LL) and Close >= Open and Close > Low + (Range*.5);
    Condition2 = Close > Close[1] and High = Highest(High,HH) and Close <= Open and Close < Low + (Range*.5);
    {--** Buy Signal **--}
    If Condition1 then begin
    Buy this bar on close;
    Stp = Low;
    {--** Sell Signal **--}
    If Condition2 then begin
    Sell this bar on close;
    Stp = High;
    {--** StopLoss **--}
    ExitLong at Stp * (1 - .01*RiskPerc) stop;
    ExitShort at Stp * (1 + .01*RiskPerc) stop;
  4. is that tradestation?
  5. Yes. Might also be copyrighted???
  6. Dan777


    thanks guys,
    looks like this should help me!

    "Tom DeMark: After more than 30 years in the trading business, analyst, trader and advisor Tom DeMark has worked with many of the biggest names in the trading industry, including George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Leon Cooperman of Omega Advisors, Michael Steinhardt, and Steve Cohen of SAC Capital. Jack Schwager referred to DeMark as the "Wizard's Wizard" in his book Stock Market Wizards.

    DeMark’s business is technical trading strategies and indicators. He began his career on the institutional side of the business and eventually expanded to the retail trading community. His work spans stocks, futures, interest rates, currencies and options. His three books, The New Science of Technical Analysis (John Wiley & Sons, 1994), New Market Timing Techniques (John Wiley & Sons, 1997) and DeMark on Day Trading Options (McGraw-Hill, 1999), are trading industry best-sellers. His unique indicators and trading techniques have become mainstays on some of the industry’s biggest trading and analysis platforms, including Bloomberg."
  7. 30000 people have access to them via Bloomberg.

    I have one of his books- was never able to turn his work into something profitable....