T. Boone Pickens blows up!!! Portfolio shattered, fund closed...

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Port1385, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. great finf PORT... just goes to show there is no such thing as a guru on wall street.
  2. ess1096


    He claimed he was short oil when it was at $100 (on the way up) and then said he was long when it was at $140.
    Both times he tried to talk his book and justify his positions.
    Now all he talks about is wind and the Pickens plan. He's lost it.
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  4. kipster


    looks like it was just reduced to a fraction of what it was worth.
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  6. damn. and his book was such an interesting read.
  7. MattF


    drop 60% in a year you'd be hurting too..

    that just made my day even better!

    Boone is a hack always was. He new oil about as much as dogs know how to speak.
  9. clacy


    At even 40% of his net worth to start 08, the guy is 100x richer than all of the posters in this thread combined.

    What I've learned is that most of the best traders, take their lumps at times. But with that said, if he hangs on to a few million, he's still going to be fine.

    He just may not be able to single handedly finance the Okie State athletic department:D
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