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  1. c-span.(This is one of America's best known and respected oilmen.)
    Said he believes in peak oil,peak oil has been reached world wide.And we can not drill our way out it.Not coastal,not Anwar will solve the problem.
    OK you stupid fucking dittohead right wing assholes?You stupid fucking pieces of ignorant shit love to talk loud like you know what by your speaking of."were going to do a preemptive strike,YEAH!!" "Iraq caused 911"
    God you fucks are idiots,just loud mouthed fucking flakes.
    We need to put lots of money into various sources of renewable energy.This is also a way to create new and better paying jobs.
    Maybe you can even work for a democrat who isn't an inhuman greed bag dog that won't pay health insurance. Now get the fuck out there and vote democratic and quit listening to fucking Rush.He makes millions making shit up for corporate dogs.And tell that stupid fucking right wing preacher of your to start refering to Jesus as the Prince of Peace.Everytime he says Jayzus,he should follow by saying "the Prince of Peace.
  2. wow he said all this lol
  3. That seems strange. I've hardly ever heard Boone say fuck on TV...
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    T. Boone sounds like a jackass
  5. Why so? He seems like common sense to me. or, are you short oil?
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    Although I completely concur with your feelings and hatred of those that destroy the earth with no regard for anything but profits for the select few.

    The PROBLEM is the choice the "other" party offers SUCKS just as bad.

    America could potentially go from a Red Neck moron to a Black idiot (nothing personal against red necks or blacks just these two).

    Have you folks never heard of a place called the "MIDDLE'.:confused:
  7. George Carlin put it best.

    When it comes to the things that really matter, you have very few choices.

    We have 192 different kinds of cereal, 31 different flavors of ice cream, and 13 flavors of rice-a-roni.

    But when it comes to political parties, we're down to two.
  8. There are many countries run by very well educated Black leaders in the world. Name one of them that you are so impressed with you would move there.

    I will wait until the both parties select their VP before making a decision. In this election the VP is going to have a tremendous influence on the voters.
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    So much hate so little time.
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    What/who is preventing YOU from putting YOUR money in alternatives?

    And just to re cap this rant.........

    C-Span > Peak Oil > dittohead assholes > Iraq/911 > renewable energy > better paying jobs > inhuman greed bag dog (like the sound of that) > health insurance > vote democrat > Rush > corporate dogs > Jesus > Prince of Peace:D
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