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  1. Newbie here, looking for some basic info on trading T-bonds.

    How volatile are they compared to other futures?

    How liquid are they compared to other futures?

    Are they more suited to short medium or long term trading?

    Would you day trade them or do the other interest rate products offer better trading opportunities?

    Hope someone is able to help me out here.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Why the bonds?

    Plenty liquid for any retail trader

    Can trade day/swing/ position no prob also good to spread against if you want to trade the yield curve.

    As far as opportunities it depends on you if they are the best fit.
  3. thanks, not specifically looking at trading bonds, just learning.

    thanks for the info though
  4. So you're looking for info on trading T-Bonds, but you're not looking at trading T-Bonds?

    Interesting... let us know how that works out for you.
  5. Sorry if the reply didnt make sense.
    I have never traded bonds, so am trying to find out some more info on them. Based on that, I can decide wether its worth trading or looking somewhere else. And I figured asking on a forum like this I might get some helpful information from people with more experience than myself. (ie probably pretty much everyone here)
  6. Yeah strange, next time i wont bother. Lazy Noob!!
  7. just meant that bonds is one of a few that I am looking into.
    Ive been looking for the info on the net but havent been able to find exactly what I was looking for in regards to t-bonds so thought here would be a good place to ask.
    As I said any and all help is much appreciated
  8. How about the CBOT website? (hint) Thats where they trade so you would think they might have some info on them and everything else that trades there
  9. yeah, I looked there, so Ive got some of the basics on it. I was just after some traders opinions on it, what people thought of it compared to other symbols.
  10. I remember having the same questions as you not too long ago. If you want a true and meaningful answer then you have to invest the time and learn the market. This means (as someone already mentioned) going to the CBOT site and learning all about the contract specs. You should watch the market and make notes of observations you make. Grab a decent book that deals with conversion factors, CTD (cheapest-to-deliver) and the delivery process if you don't already know these concepts. I'm reading the Treasury Bond Basis - a great book that I'm going through at the moment on recommendation from others at ET.
    Last but not least stay curious and ask questions. ET is a great resource and you should spend time going through old threads and posting new questions. I wish you the best...unless you're taking the opposite side of my position of course!! lol =)
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