T-Bonds nearing within 10 days of an intermediate top

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Bennyboy123, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Hi every1,

    I love all the posts about my favourite market, T-bonds. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

    I think we are nearing an intermediate top within 10 calendar days. The ensuing downtrend will last for several months. I think this will happen for various reasons some of which have been mentioned in other posts. First, the committment of traders data is getting too skewed. Second, we will have major auctions coming up. Third, the seasonals are bad. Forth, volatility is extremely low. Lastly, all of my timing indicators are confirming a reversal.

    So lets make some money this week with the expected soft economic data and begin shorting next week.

    Good luck to all
  2. landboy


    Ya, may go flat going into the Fed...and I HATE that COT has speculators major long, i'll check the stats again this week and see if any of them have shaken out... I think the catalyst that will push us up with any oomph will be supply, coz I can't see inflation being a problem...
  3. Good luck to you too Benny but I think that trying to squeeze out whatever juice is left in the bond rally might be very risky <b>IF</b> you're expecting bonds to go down soon for several months and if it because of soft economic data. The dollar made gains yesterday based on strong industrial growth and there's also oil that went up from 58 to 67 in about three weeks which is not good for long term rates.