T-Bonds back to full ticks

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by forestfire, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Volume is terrible -just 60k contracts so far today. It's hard to tell when the market is thinning out just before an economic release these days...

    Wishful thinking I'm guessing, but is there any substance to the rumours?
  2. smalls


    some but who knows.

    its low volume because of the rumors and a lot of people blowing out last week...

    overnight volume has hurt this week. esp when you compare to last week's fun...
  3. The "danger" would be that the tick size is re-split again to quarters or even worse, to hundreths just like the bunds and eurodollars.
  4. That wouldn't surprise me Nazzduck. However, with treasury volumes in such a decline, I would hope that cme would be thinking creatively about turning things around.
    Here's a wild idea -how about improving conditions for locals and getting a bit of liquidity and efficiency back in the markets? Going back to full ticks would be a good start and they have got nothing to lose by doing so.
  5. I believe it would be "best" if the contracts were made cheaper to trade; i.e. lowering exchange fees AND maybe doubling, quintupling or dectupling the contract size. The tick size is "fair" as it is now. Increasing it is good for locals. Decreasing it is good for customers.
  6. It's a sad looking contract at the moment. It's almost 7 cst and there are gaps in just the 5 deep book:eek:

    The mini dow has greater depth. No Joke

    They need to do something