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  1. Same idea; just worse ...
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    Years ago I was a Rep for a broker-dealer who had a proprietary product of a "4 System Portfolio".

    It worked like this:
    a. When 2 said buy and 2 said sell or cash, our play was 100% cash.
    b. When 3 were on one side, we were 50% on that side.
    c. When all 4 were on that side, we were 100% on that side.

    I never sold any of my clients into it. Good thing... When after only a few months the equity was down -50%, they had to liquidate and return what was left.

    Even in a diversified portfolio, EVERYTHING can turn to crap.
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    The point is still the same though. If it were really a good system, why would they be out looking for brokerage clients? Those brokers would scrape together every cent they have and tell no one else about it.

    Diversified system trading is a valid idea, but only if each system in the mix is sound on its own. Mixing multiple bad systems will not make a good system, regardless of negative correlation. My contention is that the systems are probably all bad or else they wouldn't be available.

    If you must, send them a little money and see what happens. Since you don't want to develop a system, and it is unlikely you will be able to purchase one that is any good, at least this will save you the cost of the system and all you'll suffer are the trading losses...
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    How much do you know about system trading?

    How do you trade? If you are making money with your current trading style, stick to your own style. If you are losing money trading, which I am suspecting, why would you let someone trade your account for you? Before you even think about having your broker trade a system for you, why don't you put more time into the market.

    Looking at what you've written, you'll lose money no matter what. You obviously have doubts about your trading style and trying to change it. If you were a profitable trader, you would be more confident and understand that trading a tough job and you'll at least know that a broker with a computer cannot make money for you.

    It seems like you're one of the people who try to trade part-time and is losing. Part-time traders will never make money in the long run. Full-time traders who are very committed loses a trade here and there, how do you expect a part-time guy to make money?

    I've written all this from speculation but what is your current state?

    What is your trading style?

    How much effort are you committing to trading?

    Are you "earning" your money trading? Do you think you deserve that money you "earned"?
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    1. You don`t have to develop the system, but You really need good knowledge to know the chances of winning.
    2. To start with the tests first You need detailed analysis (like the one from TS2000i). Does Your broker can show You that ? If not, I wouldn`t bother. But if he can, there is still a long way to go. BTW, who is Your broker ?
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  7. If you want a system, got to and just pick one.

    There are plenty there. All free.

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    Yes, but do any of them actually make money??? :confused:

    I can flip a coin for free, as well...

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