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  1. I have never traded systems. I dont want to develop a system. I want to find one that works. Anyone know of any?
  2. You can not buy one ...
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    What does "works" mean to you?
  4. a broker called me the other day and said they developed systems that they would trade for me.
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    Run Away!
  6. they have 4 systems that they trade in a portfolio. the guy i talked to was talking about negative correlation.
    he showed me systems that demonstrate negative correlation. in essence, when one system is down, the other is up. it really showed a nice looking equity curve.
  7. Run faster ...
  8. what should i be skeptical about?
  9. Basically; what idiot would develop a trading system that can make $1,000 a day and sell it to someone else ...
  10. thats true...they're not selling the system, though. they will trade the systems for me.
    the portfolio is attractive because of the negative correlation. every other system that i have seen has larger swings than i am willing to stomach
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