Systems for Vegas?

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    I know this is probably an off topic but...I would like to get the
    input of you guys before I embark. I am taking my first trip ever
    to Vegas in 3 weeks, and a little recreational gambling will be in
    order. Can you guys share a winning system for anything but blackjack, (unless of course counting is not recquired) ?

    Thanks so Much,

    G. J.
  2. Pick up a copy of "Playing Blackjack as a Business" by Lawrence Revere. Learn the "basic strategy" cold before playing (the casinos will allow you to keep a copy of the strategy for reference right on the table). Track your small cards (2-6 as a plus count of 1), 7,8, & 9's are zero, and the 10's and facecards are a minus 1 count). Bet more when you see more small cards, don't bet when you see more big cards.

    Virtually anyone can even the odds with this, and many can do really well (until they throw you out!).

    Good Luck!!

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    Unless you're a proficient counter or a good poker player you're reliant on luck. You could try the 'full pay' video poker machines, but that requires a pretty large bankroll and a significant investment of time to chase that elusive royal. Of course 'full pay' means knowing the correct strategy for every card combination every time and playing it like a computer. Difficult.

    Whatever games you like, the best you can do is learn them well so you can lose your money slower or, as I optimistically like to put it, 'increase your chances of getting lucky.'

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    Even if you don't count cards if you can play blackjack following the basic rules and using proper money management the game can be beat. The key is knowing when you have a streak going and bet accordingly the rest of the time just keep your bets small waiting for that streak. There will be times when you win 10+ in a row or lose 10+ in a row.
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    Even though you said "anything but blackjack", you got replies about blackjack. This is because it is the only casino game where you can get an edge. But no way without counting. What you are asking for just does not exist.
    If you are a very competent poker player, this could be a good bet. You cannot beat a casino, but you can beat other poker players. It is a little harder than at your kitchen table, because they rake the pots.
    Anyway, why don't you just go and have fun. Maybe you will get lucky and win. It happens all the time. But never with a system. And I have seen them all. I even saw a system in craps work pretty well, but not well enough. This is not the right forum for that anyway. And very few people would understand what I was talking about. Craps will give you the best statistical chance of winning, but it is a fast game, and if you are unlucky, you will lose very quickly. If you tip the dealers, they will help you out with making the better bets. That is about the best you can do IMO. I was a boxman at the DI for a short time. Nothing beats getting help from the "boys" (dealers...this is how they make their living..not on the minimum wage they are paid). Just share your good fortune if it works for you.
  6. Take a minute, find the sports book and play the thoroughbred's. From the book, "How to Handicap Thoroughbred's with Confidence" I picked up a few pointers and I did pretty good. Again, as with other ventures, money management is a key. Pick one or two tracks to play as the constants. Stay away from wagers on the favorites!

    Enjoy the time! :D


    Casino rules vary widely and can make a REAL difference. eg, a lot of casinos will not let you double after a split and this is very important. Several years ago I played a lot and the Mirage had the best rules at the time. You can get a little laminated card with basic strategy at almost any casino gift shop, but you should really study it before playing or you'll really slow the pay down. Bottom line is you can play just about 50/50 with the house if you play basic strategy correctly and play at a place with good rules. At a minimum you get free drinks, and with some luck, you can make some money. But, just like trading, the fluctuations can be big, so money management is important.
  8. The one book I read about betting on horses said to only play the favorites!

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