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  1. I was wondering if there was any good system for sale out there or if it's really all garbage as commonly believed. And if some are really making profits is it worth paying for them if you are not willing to allocate more than 10-20k to one or several systems in the beginning? Also a system can produce satisying results for a while then quickly degrade, if you buy a blackbox as most of them are I suppose the only way you will know about it is when you start losing big.

    Please share your experience with systems availble with for ex. Strategy Runner, Market Technologies (Vantage Point), or systems available at brokers such at Refco TradeCenter Inc. or Robbins Trading Company's AutoTrade

    How much do they cost and are the costs worth it ? For ex. John Holsinger systems are available for $250 month each at Robbins Trading so $3000 a year for ONE system, you better have a large account to make it worthwhile.
  2. if the systems worth anything and the person selling to you is not a 15 year old university student.

    Then they would not be selling it to you for $150 a month or $300 a month

    because any system that can make money can make $150 in 1 hour or minute or 30 minutes or day

    Imagine you finally discovered a system that actually works that took you 36 months to figure out,
    you would sell it for $150 a month?
    $300 a month?

    Maybe $6,000 a month
    or $10,000 a month.

    Thats $70k-$120k
  3. What if you've written dozens of systems? I trade only my tier 1 systems. The tier 2 systems are available for lease. They're still quite good, just not as good as the tier 1 systems. Otherwise, they'd just sit there collecting dust. By leasing them, they're doing both me and the client some good.

  4. Exactly, my friend is in the same situation. He has a whole bunch of systems, so he might be willing to sell some of them and still do well. But, he obviously would like to limit the number of copies.
  5. That's why I do leasing and not sales. The systems are not disclosed to anyone, and a single managed systems broker does the trading for all clients so I can maintain strict controls over the size of the trades and slippage. Works well for everyone.

  6. Well, as trader I would rather buy a good system for a reasonable price than keep paying for it forever. Obviously I have yet to see a good system for a reasonable price (at most $1000), but that's a diferent story... If anyone has seen a system like that please post info about it here.
  7. That is not a reasonable one-time price for a good system.

  8. From whose perspective? The buyer or the seller? From the buyer perspective, that's a very reasonable price, IMO...
  9. Well, a tier 2 model of mine shows an expectation in the area of $1k/month per contract. A vendor would have to be an idiot to sell such a system for under $1,000 and a buyer would have to be an idiot to expect him to... Especially for unlimited use... And especially fully disclosed.

    Perhaps this is the reason you haven't found any good systems for what you call a "reasonable price".

  10. So how much do you charge for a system like that on a monthly basis?
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