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  1. StrategyRunner

    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.

    If you developed a trading system (using TS8.XX) that is traded in a live account (for more the 3 month)
    Let us help you get access to a pipe line of over 10,000 traders (SR users), over 100 Brokerage houses, worlds leading FCM
    Active traders wanting to diversify their accounts with proven systems

    Our Advantage
    NO need to send out your code to user (using our server based solution), you CODE stays on your desktop workstation eliminating
    hacks, steals, re engineering.

    Easy usage, after a short installation (30 min) your systems can be accessed by any Strategy Runner user trading with our partner brokers

    Security- you have full control of who can get access to your systems
    Our centralized distribution allows more control and safety

    Please contact me for more info and possible cooperation

    Oded Rochman
    Marketing Director,
    Strategy Runner Ltd.
    Tel (US toll free): 1866-312-1184
    Fax (Local): (586) 314 5050
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    Prevail Guest

    Does the developer then have to be registered?
  3. qtip


    Is this the guru feature that you have listed on your website?

    Or, does the code sit on the server so the developer doesn't have to be married to the computer?
  4. StrategyRunner

    StrategyRunner Strategy Runner, Ltd.

    Developers do not need to be registered, but for none registered developers a Live (real trading) track record needs to be provided

    This is not using our Guru tool, this uses our TPAK that allows developers to use current TS based system.

    You will still need to run system from your workstation (but it will execute automatically)

    send me an email for more info

    Oded Rochman
    Marketing Director
  5. I will be interested in such system:

    1-Money in my account

    2-System developer can and should trade it

    3-System to be adaptive to market, not fitted

    4-fundamentals taken into account also.

    5-Important:System developer should be trading same
    strategy, and you should be able to see what size he is
    trading with, that means if you lose money, he also lose
    money in his personal account, So he can't put you in risky
    trades for more aggressive return.

    6-You can stop trading anytime, if money goes below Max DD.

    7-You decide how many contracts to be traded

    8-You pay % from you profits, and no lease or management fees

    Now, if anyone can offer such thing, sure he can find
    lot of traders to invest with him.
  6. oded,

    Intrigued by your offer...

    how is a developer compensated and

    what if they want to charge per contract traded? Is this possible?

    can you provide references of system developers who participate with you?
  7. Are you asking me?
  8. no he was asking Oded...


    Oded Rochman
    Marketing Director,
    Strategy Runner Ltd.
    Tel (US toll free): 1866-312-1184
    Fax (Local): (586) 314 5050

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