Systemmatic Traders like BlueTrend, AHL, etc

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  1. i am trying to learn more about trend following, systemmatic trading strategies.
    Trying to get a very basic sense about what the leaders in this space are doing.

    Pls provide a short list of the big guys in the field (like BlueTrend, AHL)
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  3. thank you! that is helpful.
    however, i can see that it doesnt include some big boys (in terms of AUM).

    can someone provide some more resources on the big boys?
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    Pretty sure these are the biggest

    Man-AHL (USA) Limited
    Winton Capital Management Ltd
    BlueCrest Capital Management Ltd
    Transtrend B.V
    Aspect Capital Limited

    And if you sort the list by AUM they all pop to the top...except AHL...missing from this list strangely...but they would sit somehwere around Winton in terms of AUM?

    As far as resources go? all I can suggest is their websites