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  1. Ok, i have read some books, some papers, saw some discussions on the subject.

    all the "indicators" i have seen are more or less "technical" in nature and therefore no more than a picture of "how has price evolved til now"..i believe it is def good to know how price has moved in the past, but not good enough to trade.

    My question is What are some systematic/trend following strategies that incorporate some predictive (instead of descriptive) indicators?
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    Pure trend following strategies do not try to 'predit' the market, they 'follow' the market.
  3. This does exactly what you are looking for and I am willing to share it here for free. It does predictions, the kind you are looking for.
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    hahaha great link, intradaybill
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    Typically any indicators that claim to show "overbought" or "oversold" conditions are "predictive" in nature. These are indicators that are trying to "pick" tops and bottoms, i.e., trying to predict tops and bottoms. AFAIK they fail more often than not. I personally find it better to detect trends rather than try to predict them, but a trader has to go with what he's comfortable. Good luck.
  6. You come to other threads and you are calling everyone else an idiot and other names.

    How is an overbought/oversold condition a prediction? It only tells you what happened in the past. I will not call you an idiot but I now think you are one. Go read this:'s_fallacy

    Can you see the difference between a prediction and a fallacy?

    Only psychics can make predictions. Maybe psychos too...:)
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    Not here, and not everybody elsewhere, just those who make it obvious from their posts.
    When something is overbought, the indicated action is to sell (aka to predict the trend will turn down).

    You really are one of the google-challenged slackwits.
    Still having trouble posting a proper link. Can't say I'm surprised.
    ANYBODY can make a prediction. So what? The vast majority of predictions are wrong so what difference does it make who makes them?

    BTW if you believe psychics are real, you are far more immature than I surmised. There are frauds and there are lunatics who claim to be psychic, but no real one has even been scientifically verified.