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    We all know about the Asian martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but does anyone have any comments on this Russian martial art?

    I think it is a more practical self-defense art.........

    I could be wrong and would love to hear from anyone who has any insight

  2. No clue, but it looks like it could give you a false sense of confidence and then get you killed.

    The best self defense is to:

    1) Stay in safe environments and be aware of your surrounding
    2) Run like hell when you sense a threat. There is no need to be macho--especially in front of women, since eventually all guys end up being the bwitches to their wives and have to take out the trash on command.
    3) Call 911 (you already paid for the service, why not use it?)
    4) Last resort is carry a gun. Use it strategically though, if a robber try to rob you, don't just pull out your gun and try to out gun him!
    Pull out your wallet, show him the picture of your dead son (download and print a picture off the internet), ask him if you could keep the picture because that is the only one you g....BANG BANG BANG!
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    Read the intro and first few chapters of this, not so much for specific techniques but for mindset and for explanation of why complicated systems are useless for most people.
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  5. I think soda came out of my nose on that one LOL :D