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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by newtoet, Sep 30, 2005.

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    From what I hear, TI lost Roger, their instructor and the best sales guy there.... And if anyone saw the commerical they run, it was hilarious.. Just plain stupid!
  3. Do their contracts expire continuously too?
  4. I hate system vendors and chat room gurus that come on trader forums such as this and act all upstanding..

    but then manufacture their own customer testimonials and misspell the same word "loosing" over and over again in all the make believe posts...

    and nobody says a word....

    bothers me to no extent as I feel extremely sorry for all the newbies that actually believe the garbage and foolishly send money.. what a shame imo

    is there a way to put a poster on ignore?

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    I agree, the newbie who are signing up for $5,000 are being sold dreams rather than performance.
  6. IMO he ought at least to partly blame himself for
    the consequences.