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  1. I have a Dell 333mhz machine running Win95 with 384M Ram (upgraded) and 6G hard drive. Also using a cable modem and router to connect in my laptop.

    I would like to upgrade to Win2K Pro, install a second monitor and get a larger capacity harddrive.

    Can I upgrade from Win95 to Win 2K directly after replacing my hard drive ? Since I will have to back up my data first I will need to get a rewriteable CD Rom device also (or have someone backup my system).

    Is all this worth the hassle vs: just getting a new system ????

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    333 is kinda old, but anyway...

    check to see if you can upgrade from win95, or if you need to do a complete new install (i would recommend the fresh install anyway)
  3. Yes and no. Here's what I suggest. Install the new hard drive and controller. I recommend a IBM ATA133 Hard drive and a Promise Ultra133 TX2 controller. This will make your machine seem like you added nitrous oxide. When you install Windows 2000, use the FAT32 file system. You probably won't need the extra NTFS security -it's slower than FAT32. Install your old hard drive as your second drive after windows 2000 is installed. Windwos 2000 will be able to access the drive.

    You don't have to back up if you get another hard drive

    That my friend, is a question of economics versus constitution!

    You did not say what generation the processor is. P1, P2, Celeron, Athalon, etc.

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  5. Thank you all for your replies. Bullfighter - thats a good idea. I hadn't thought of keeping my existing drive as a second drive so as not having to backup and reload my data and have the additional storage too.
  6. Save youself alot of hassles and compatibility problems and get yourself a newer machine. Check on can find a new ,fast computer for less than $400. Have a nice day:)
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    Around Xmas I tried to upgrade my mother's Compaq with Windows 95 to XP and could not do it. The best I could figure was that I would have to upgrade from 95 to 98 then to XP. I played around on the Microsoft website and found very little information of Win 95. I would check there first.

    I brought the XP disk home and dropped it into my system which HAS and will still HAVE Windows 98. There were at least 15 compatibility issues estimated with my current software. This included my DSL and Firewall. Needless to say, the XP CD is now a $99 coaster, thanks Bill Gates.

    As another aside I tried to install the Norton Systemworks Suite for my mother as well, and that was not 95 compatible.

    Now I am not the most skilled, but I would make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you spend 1$ on upgrade products. You may just find that $600 bucks for a new system is worth the hassles.
  8. Trdrmac,

    Good point. I would not try to do this myself but rather planned on talking to the techs at my local CompUsa. If they know what they're doing (maybe a big assumption !) and can do it at a reasonable cost, I'd let them do it.

    If not, I'll pass the system to my 8 yo daughter and get a new one for myself.

    Maybe you sell your XP coaster on Ebay !!
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    Ebay is a good idea, do they have a Level II platform..:cool:

    You may find that there is a local shop that can build it to specs a little cheaper than Comp USA or BB. I know here, Raleigh one of my friends brother here does that as a business.

    The thing I fear most at Comp USA is the "Well, you know there are sooooo many benefits to our super service warranty, its just $695 extra."

  10. Trdrmac,

    They quoted me a price of $129 for a Maxtor 80G harddrive, $99 for Win98 upgrade, and $29 for labor. Sounds pretty reasonable but I would go with Win2000pro if I were to upgrade. The jury is still out.
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