System Trading as Cognitive Therapy

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Arthur Deco, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. Back in my twenties when it first began to occur to me that I might be crazy (don't laugh, it can happen to you), I turned to Aaron Beck's Cognitive Therapy for a cure. The basic idea being that if you listen to the voices in your head you will come to an understanding of why you are such a nutcase. I got in just deep enough to know that I didn't want to get any deeper. End of self-help experiment. Now here I am forty years later, a kinda-sorta-maybe semi-successful system trader, and what do I hear all day? Those same fucking voices!:

    One of THEM: "Oh! Look! Look! A Hershey pattern just occurred! Better cash out of that long!"

    The real me: "STFU!"

    Another of THEM: "We just had a failed test of the HOD! Better punch out!"

    Me: "STFU!"

    Yet another of THEM: "This run up is phony. There wasn't any news, good or bad!"

    Me: "STFU!"

    A NEW, sweet, voice: "See that forced looking series of weakly higher highs on lackluster volume?"

    Me: "You bitch! Go code that up while I ring the cash resister! Then meet me tonight in my dreams."