System Trading and Shooting

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  1. This is yet another entry in what must seem to ET to be an endless stream of irrelevant drivel about the psychological benefits of system trading. Sort of in the vein of the marketing strategy "If you can't fix it feature it." Take today, f'rinstance. It's futures rollover day. No news. You really don't want to trade fully expecting to be stopped out by erratic swings on a narrow range day. Especially with my REWMM system (pronounced like "rheum"). The acronym stands for Random Entry With Money Management. Not the highest expectoration system you ever saw. So how did I make my rheumy old self trade REWMM this morning? Mouthing the lotto motto mantra "You have to play to win!" wore off a long time ago. Rewarding myself with a trip to the range when I won hadn't been much of a reward the last couple of weeks. Then it occurred to me "Fuck it! I'll go shooting every time I LOSE!" Today was a great day at the range!
  2. Hypo

    you are a small time loser

    but there is no shame in it what so ever 95% lose, 4 % brake even, 1 % wins

    Take people like Maestro, MATH WHIZ

    you have to be. sorry but you have to be

    Regular mom and pop like you don't stand a chance.

    THIS IS A GAME OF RANDOMNESS AND BEYOND RANDOMNESS. These are concepts way beyond average people.
  3. Slowly You internet commoners are beginning to understand that high intelligence is required to make it in trading.

    135 IQ and beyond.

    And when I said this few years ago, something like 100 posts showed up to rip me to pieces.

    Foolish Humans


  4. I suppose a coprophagic response is better than none at all, and par for ET. Re "small time loser", yes, I do try to lose small. Re "regular mom and pop", I am anatomically incapable of being both. But I am an irregular grandpop. Re "high IQ", I have found that stupidity actually helps. If I were smart I would never have coded and tested the off-the-wall-stupid trade ideas that are my bread and toilet paper.
  5. Redneck



    Aim small - miss small :)

    In all matters Sir

  6. RN, I will only add to your own shooting wisdom that when I go to the range I always put the target waaaaay further away than I expect accuracy with whatever I am shooting. Par exemple I shoot pocket 380's at 25 yards. It's kind of like system trading where I may have four or five losses in a row before striking it big: "Damn! Missed all but the last round, and put that one right through the left eyeball!" Both feel really good, even though in your heart of hearts you know the results were luck, not skill.
  7. LOL I googled the definition
    :D :D :D

    HOWEVER I will still strike you down due to your insolence.


    Apologize so your soul will go to Kemp :mad:

    Obey me or I will send you to Sokar
  8. Always happy to entertain. But I wouldn't dream of trying to teach a high IQ like yours.
  9. Your arrogance and belittling attitude belittles have nothing to worry about as you do not qualify in the 95%,4%or 1%bracket.

  10. Don't like your shaving mirror much, do you?
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