system traders - question ?

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  1. are there any system traders out there that are consistently profitable ? i don't care what system technical,coin flipping, miss cleo vodoo - also are most of your systems for individual stocks or etf's ? i see all these threads with i got the greatest system and BACKTESTED i got a bazillion % .
  2. Yes. Individual stocks (sometimes hedging with ETFs).
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    Yes, Intraday Index Futures.... EOD with Commodity Futures

    Don't trade NASDAQ LVL 2 these days.
  4. Yes.


    You'll never see the good systems.
  5. yes

    dow 30 and sp 100 stocks EOD.

    ES Intraday

    IMHO: develop your own if you buy one it will fail.
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    Well, buying one or having something handed over may be fine, but have a deep understanding of the concept and the formula for it. Never buy a black box system that doesn't disclose the codes. You'll get stumbled, later on.

    That's a statistical guarantee. Actually, who's bought a blackbox system and made money? I've heard of a few who bought or used systems made by others but they understand system very well.
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    With all due respect (but somewhat cynical), if I'll never see the good systems, then why should I buy your book on Professional Stock Trading (here's your chance for a plug :) )
  8. Yes, options and futures, limited equities.