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  1. I have a well proven system, trading long short S&P stocks, returning minimum 10%+ per month based on 3x margin in all markets inc chop, does hold over night but also very small stops 30c max, references available from firm, all offers considered
    East to West coast willing to relocate especially SE Florida if available
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    I'm not doubting your performance but.....
    a compounded 10% return per month would be over a 300% return per annum. That's one helluva system. I'll give you 100K today if you can guarantee me 3 million in 3 years (you can keep the 91K on top of that as your fee) :)

    I don't mean to be a downer but your I highly doubt your system will work with larger amounts of capital.

    here's an article to chew on:

    June 13:Can Hedge Funds Outperform Under All Circumstances?
    Hedge funds during the past month have produced a near flat return of -0.11 percent as measured in the Hennessee Hedge Fund index, bringing their year to date performance to 0.86 percent, as doubts are growing that hedge fund managers can fulfil their claims that they can outperform even in the most dismal market circumstances.
    Short-Biased investment styles continued their outperformance, returning 2.52 percent in May, having performed 3.18 percent in April. Financial Equities also ranked among the best performing categories of the index, achieving its fifth straight up months. The subsector is now the best performing this year, posting a 10.13 percent return. Asia’s Pacific Rim also yielded good opportunities with funds investing there returning 3.12 on average, according to Hennessee’s index. “During May, an increase in Japanese industrial production (marking the third straight positive month), the government's announcement that the bottom had been reached, and the strengthening yen against the US dollar fuelled the Pacific markets,” the hedge fund manager wrote in a comment on the index.
    Among the worst performing hedge fund indices for May were Latin America , which lost 4.37 percent. This is due to worries about upcoming elections in Brazil , where left winger Luiz Inancio Lula da Silva is tipped to be the runner up. Elsewhere in Latin America , the threatened resignation of current Argentine President Eduardo Duhalde is also seen as a risk.
    Hedge fund managers attribute the dire performance during May to volatile market conditions, weak equity performance amid still declining earnings and the reduced opportunities that the US market offers to hedge funds. Apparently the bulk of hedge fund assets is still invested in the US market. "We are seeing insiders stepping in to buy their own stock in the Financial Services sector, which we feel is the most promising sector for 2002, however, with few exceptions, there are not many reasons to own stocks right now," the firm writes.
    Hedge funds are believed to be takeover targets for the wider fund management industry, due to the diabolical investment returns elsewhere. It is believed that last Friday’s announcement by Mellon Financial Corporation that it plans to acquire HBV Capital Management and the recent acquisition by UK based Man Group Plc of the Swiss fund of funds manager RMF Investment Group, will be followed by a few more this year.
    Hedge funds became popular over the past years due to their double digit returns. But last year the performance was a meagre 4 percent on average even though that was still a lot better than the returns of -11 percent for normal equity funds.
  3. I did not suggest the system was suitable for large capital
    the long short system is suitable for 3 million cash at 3x
    or 1.5 million with 6 x

    however it would be possible to have 2 sets of portfolios
    then it would take 2 times that

    also it will work on FX this system will take size

    what I am looking for is to start small 200k with 6x initially

    also the 10% is the very low per month in a chop market
    if the market is trending it makes a lot more

    how about that
  4. You must be in a hurry. At 10% a month you can double your money every seven months. Starting with $20 k you would have a million in four years.
  5. $91k for three years work! Def - you a cheap-skate! :)
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    This translates into 18 S&P 500 contracts, right?
  7. "System trader looking for business idea
    I have a well proven system, trading long short S&P stocks, returning minimum 10%+ per month based on 3x margin in all markets inc chop, does hold over night but also very small stops 30c max, references available from firm, all offers considered"

    oh man will it never end.a system that could do this would be worth billions.why dont you guys just trade these systems and you would be so rich in a short time that you could own that island the tow truck driver in the old etrade commercial used to
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    10% every month! That's nothing! Waxie does that before the second sip of his morning coffee!!

    Check out

    He rules freakin' the market!!:D :D