system-trade or watch me BARK

Discussion in 'Journals' started by dagross, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. dagross


    for several months i have been addicted to non-system trades and they have already robbed about 65% of my profits these days. esp those counter-trend trades that almost always slaughter me.

    i feel so frustrated and painful and despise myself. i decide to post a daily record here.

    from now on if i ever make a non-system trade i must punish myself: i have to bark in the public and also have to donate $100 to charity for each wrong trade in 24 hours. whenever i violate my own rules or when i didnt keep my word anyone are welcome to despise me thru private/public message.

    approved systems:
    1. jenkindagross
    2. super arbitrageur
    3. trend follower 1 & 2, wave interceptor 1

    non systems:
    1. anything not in the above list
    2. any counter-trend tades