System that makes 50% a month

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  1. Anyone have one?
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    No :( Only a couple of systems that make 100-150% per month, nothing as low as you're asking. They're all automated, they trade forex, but I did have to pay $79.95 for each, so they don't come cheap.
  3. I miss stocktrad3r.
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    He left the site after you joined though, didn't he?
  5. I have unfortunately developed quite a few systems that make 50% per month. If you define that as "It makes your equity into 50% of what it was a month ago"..
  6. i have a system that makes 10-100% a year average 20%
    max drawdown 20% backtested over 10 years. follow the signals
  7. So you start with $1 and after 5 years you have only

    $ 36,768,468,716.9

    Nah...not worth the pain... You still going to be behind Gates.... You must increase to 60%... Add an RSI...or better a MACD...that will do it...
  8. ET still good for something.

    But don't ask a serious question.

    You may grow old and gray waiting for an answer.
  9. Sell volatility and pray.
  10. Lets hypothesize for a sec.

    If a person uses his inital capital and compounds it; as the months go by each month does better and better through the simple mechanism of compounding.

    Take a small account of a college grad who has a job and does position trading.

    Lets let some time pass. Enough time to make 10,000 posts.

    For this person to make 50% of his initial capital after 10,000 posts passing, means that his monthly profits for the current month, compounding monthly, would be well over 50% of his intial capital and he would know this. Do you know this?

    Do us a favor and post what your profits were this month as a percent of the capital you had in the market on your first post in ET.

    Then tell us why you can't figure out how to make money in markets.

    To work up to the equity curve you have, put the number of months along the horizontal axis.

    Start on the Y axis at the lvel of your initial capital.

    Look at the profits for his month and see if they are many times your initial capital.

    Post a picture of a sloth if you can find one. Make sure the sloth is on top of the limb and not hanging underneath it because he slipped off.

    Why would a person with 10,000 posts not know he is making more than 50% of his inital capital by this month in 2010?

    How long (many years) have you been sleeping during RTH's? What is you average monthly compounding rate?

    What is the minimum copmpounding rate needed to just get to a 50% level of initial capital this month starting with your first post?

    go to the nearest high school to get a freshman to answer these Q's if you have any trouble.

    this is like asking Traderzones if he wants to come to one of our global meetings to meet some traders during a break in the meeting. He can't figure out the answer by thinking about it for a few days.

    good luck, sleepyhead.

    See if you can figure anything out by your upcoming 10,000th post.
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