System Results Template??

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by TheoCap, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. TheoCap


    Hey all,

    I just finished developing/testing/etc. a new trading system of mine. I was wondering if anyone had a template or an example of a good summary report to display a system's results.

    I have all the generally calculated stats and results, but am just looking for a clean, organized output format to display all the technical info.

    Anyone willing to share?

  2. MGJ


    I'm fond of the template used by TBB. In actual operation it's fairly interactive, but for simplicity of upload and download here on ET, I just saved it off as a single flat Acrobat .pdf document. Try to ignore the crappy placement of the page-breaks in the pdf; they aren't present in the original. My hamfisted "Print to PDF" operation, is responsible for those :mad:
  3. TheoCap


    Thanks a lot MJG. Great example to work off of.
  4. $800 trillion net profit - not bad :p
  5. TheoCap


    Yeah, not too shabby...