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    If have a virus on your computer and do a system restore to a time before you had the virus willl that get rid of it. For example if I started to have problems with a virus today but restored my computer to the settings from 2 months ago, assuming the virus did not have a delayed fuse sort of trigger, would that get rid of the virus?


  2. That's how it's supposed to work.
  3. Brandon, I have tried this and it didn't work for me on a virus on my wife's machine. It required a tool from symantec which I had to run in Safe Mode to get rid of. It probably depends on the virus.

    Good luck.
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    Depends on how that virus rooted itself in your system. System restore doesn't restore/overwrite everything.

    Imaging software is the way to save yourself some headaches. I've found system restore fails much too often to be reliable.
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    Many spyware and virus now use the system restore area as a backup area for restoring themselves after removal tools are run. Some tools know to scan the restore area others don't.

    One of the worst I run across for using the restore is a browser BHO object from Best offers.

    I recently ran across one that used the hidden Nortons protected recycle bin. Just put a hidden copy in the hidden Nortons directory.

    In one case I had to turn off restor point to finally kill off the darn spyware. You would remove it and reboot and it would be back until restore was turned off.

  6. In most cases, to get rid of any spyware or viruses, you have to turn off System Restore and then restart in Safe Mode before running your scan. Don't forget to update your scanner before doing all that.
  7. Jeez I might be in trouble then.........I use Avast free with online scanner and when it detected trojans I just deleted them. I pops a window saying virus alert, but then it shows a trojan of some sort and I just hit delete.

    Should I have done a system restore and then updated Avast and scanned?

    I also run Spydoctor, Ad-Aware, Spybot, Zone Alarm free, Process Guard, and Spyware Guard. Could I have anymore protection?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1. Have one computer specific for trading.
    2. Do not install any non-trading applications on it.
    3. Have a separate computer for surfing porn

    System Restore is a terrible way of getting rid of a virus.

    Get a subscription to McAfee if you must use one computer for everything. Running multiple applications to do the job of one application is inefficient and waste of resources.
  9. No, you probably did the right thing. However, if you want to do a clean scan or if you have a stubborn bug, then follow the recommeded steps in my previous post.
  10. system restore on windows, 99.999999% no

    system restore from manufacturer's system restore disk. which will erase your hard drive & install a new version of windows. then... most likely yes.
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