System requirements for a trading computer

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by milktruck, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. I am curious what the minimum system requirements are for a trading computer. I am thinking I will keep my mac for porno and trolling trading forums, but grab a PC when I set up my home office for trading and only trading.

    The book Millionaire Traders recommends a minimum 2GHz chip, 1 gigabyte RAM, and 100 gig hard drive.

    Looking on, this seems to be standard on their cheapest desktop.

    So basically, I can just get something cheap and be covered? Is there anything Im missing? Am I retarded for not just running windows on my mac?
  2. It really depends on what software you plan on running.
    A box with 2ghz, a couple gigs of ram and 100 gb hard drive should be adequate for most platforms.
  3. If you're running only 1 or 2 monitors, any modern PC will be just fine.

    Suggest any C2D CPU or better, 1-2G of RAM, and WinXP. After that, it's just bells and whistles.
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    100 Gig hard drive. Why? Tradig machine for enty only, correct?

    FWIW, i still have a scsi IBM intellistation wokstation bought in 2001 with 18.+ gig scsi drive and never got close to max it out.

    This paticular box has an 74.52 GB hard drive used for charts, chat, e-mail etc. Disk Defragmenter says 91% Free Space

    Yes , i agree it is harder to find smaller hhd lately, even this new SSD comes in 32Gb as smallest.

    Read somewhere where Western Digital is developing a 20K mechanical drive to combat the speed etc of the SSD. Yes, the SSD is the wave of the future but i would like to try a 20K hard drive.

    A 100 Gb hard drive is kinda like dating a fat chick.
  5. So 100 gig HD is excessive?
  6. 20K? Wouldn't that be noisy?