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    Hello traders, I have a question.
    Which moving averages work best for you to trade intraday the e-mini sp with the system of jjrvat & anekdoten
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    Yuo best must use EMA 133 crossover with SMA 15.5 crossover. 16 might also work bat you should reallly stick to the 15.5, ok ? Teh reason is the speccial ratio of this noumbers, and teh calculation.
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  3. I mentioned this method in this discussion.

    Tell me if you have any questions.
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    What does it mean that DT is also an input signal? What is DT? Have you achieved consistency with this system?
  5. DT means double top so that means it is valued the same as a lower high. Go short if you see lower low, lower high, lower low, double top.

    It was profitable over my test execution.
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    Thank you IronFist
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    I why did you leave it?