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    after several years of research I managed to find some good systems for counter-trend-trading.

    So what I'm looking at now is the other side: Trend-following
    But so far I did not succeed in finding a reasonable start point.

    Could anyone give me some ideas (e.g. links to ET-threads, websites, ...) ?

    Thanks !

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    What Counter trend systems did you find that work well?
  3. This was easy............. just reverse your counter-trend trading...............:D
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    Interesting, because most of the top 10 systems were trend following , counter trend systems were the 2nd most common.
    Futures magazine-Feb,2004. More trend following follows this.
    and more complete info on William O Neil system is in''How to Make Money in Stocks'' by . William O Neil.
  5. Perhaps a book or two might contain some fruitful ideas. If you're trading Forex, perhaps Horner would be a good author to look up on Amazon dot com's Advanced Search page. If you're trading futures, LeBeau. If you're trading stocks, Kaufmann. And if you're trading options, Gallacher.
  6. If your first impulse was to develop counter-trend systems, then you are, as the late unlamented Spyro Agnew said, "a nattering nabob of negativity." Don't try to trade counter-character. This good advice comes from an unrepentant reactionary recidivist counter-trend trader. Reversals are a hell of a lot easier to spot than the treends which preceed them.
  7. Look for Dave Landry on look for his presentations I think he has every WEdnesday or thursday at around 11.00 ET very good methology trust me I use it you can email him at and ask him to send you his archives of his previous presentations they are really good, plus he is one cool of a guy. Well good luck trading.
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    what markets?
  9. is a website
  10. As you can tell by my screen name, I prefer counter trend trading.

    However, unlike the original poster, I've spent much time developing a TREND trading system.

    Share with me the proof that your countertrend system works and I'll do the same on the trending side.

    Btw, I'm only interested in day trading - no swing trading or overnights.
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