System for small, steady profits on the Dow?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by BrooksRimes, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. Would appreciate suggestions/directions to systems that generate small but steady profit on the Dow-emini (YM).

    Not expecting to get rich in a hurry. Even 5 point profits on most trades is fine.

    Been trying to build one of these - but not having much luck.

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  3. Thanks, Mogul.

    I posted there asking if the system is available in Amibroker AFL code.

    Tough to try to find the email address for Tim Wreford who wrote the system.

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    all it is is an opening range breakout from the 1hr range.

    take a night and try to code it up, it's not hard and you'll learn a lot in the process
  5. mogul: can you point me to the TS code? I saw it once but can't find it now. Thx.

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  7. Noone will give you a system here for ANY profits.
  8. Sunnyskies,

    I disagree with your statement. SidInUK and AnomalyResearch, both of them posted two methods with a winning record. As for the future, no can predict if these methods will hold up or not. There are many helpful people on these forums who have provided great deal of help and support to many traders, including myself.

    Good trading,
  9. This question is ridiculous. There is no such thing. You can not expect to get an answer to something like this. Geezy peezy guys. Treat the profession with some respect. This is not about guarantees. Nothing in life is guaranteed.

    Think about it for a minute. Find the answer yourself and it will be much more valuable.
  10. Take it easy, dude... I could give him plenty of strategies, but don't have time for that. Or maybe I am too lazy... Or maybe I am not seeking the guru status...not everyone is like you.
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