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    Judging from the "best foods to eat" thread, this might be a good place to ask this question.

    I wanna quit smoking and start eating better. So I'd like some advice on a total system purge. There's so many types and offerings... and snake oil; I don't know where to start or which product actually works. I did some research and some of it even comes back a bit cultish. If it's some hardcore shit, no problem. I can handle it as long as it works, and hopefully, scientifically/medically proven.

    I'm not getting any younger and I feel sluggish as hell.
  2. Tell me about it.
    Been there, haven't done that.

    This works, obviously it looks like crap.

    The diet aspect is based on weston price, easy to google.

    My bro lost some 4 belt notch's in a month , revisiting the spartan regime-thats with quitting smoking into the bargain.

    I dont know for sure that pure detox is the way to go, it really is more important to just develop the right eating and exercise habits.

    Attempting a "total system purge", will likely cause you more health problems than you realistically need, in the short term.

    And for smoking, well dont be thinking you can get away without intensive exercise, it's necessary to "trick" the lungs (and your brain) into doing actual oxygen related work, rather than just struggling against adversity.
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    That website is a piece of work. Substitute a few words and you've got the Waxie (?) trading system. Money back guarantee.

    But hey, if you and others can vouch for it...

  4. Lol, i hear ya, he has bumped up the price recently, sure.
    However, weston price seems to be a rough diet benchmark, free i gather, the basis, like i stated of much of that particular regime diet, there are some good underground training stuff that is worth a look to.
    I will see if i can find some links, but in the meantime, yeah, it works, works well.

    Not so pleased with the price myself, but then, I personally could not follow it, it's a bit out there for a lard ass chain smoking peice of crap like myself.

    That's why i linked the kettlebell thread, i just dont want anyone to be so delusional as to think they could just change there diet, without exercise, and think they should get great results, is all im saying.

    Yes, the spartan regime works, i have numerous accounts of great results with it. Better than great, actually.

    Would i buy it on spec, for my current needs? No, probably not, i dont have the kind of sheer discipline to follow it, and THAT is the main thing.
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  6. has several and active message boards, so you can ask questions to people who have tried them. They don't sell any products, just have instructions for each cleanse.

    Boiron makes a homeopathic medicine to help with smoking urges, my mom said it helped her quit for good. For $5 per 100 tablets, it's not really going to hurt the pocketbook to try it.
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    Thanks Susannah, I'll look into those pills.

    Now, does anyone on this board have first hand knowledge about body detox, system flush, or whatever you wanna call it?

    So far from what I've read, seems to be a 50/50 split on effectiveness. Some of the fasting types you've gotta be real careful, since in essence, you're turning your system upside down.
  8. I did the diet, water cure, and liver flush parts of this one:

    The liver flush was miserable for a couple of days, but I did feel better afterward. Less sluggish is a good way to describe it. The pictures on that page are gross, btw, just to warn you.

    Something else that helped me a lot was getting a hair mineral analysis done and then taking vitamins and minerals to balance the things that were analyzed as being out of whack.

    However, I think diet helped me most of all (cutting out sugar, refined flour, etc). My problems were totally unbalanced hormones, we wanted kids and for 3 years my body was just too out of whack to conceive. Did some of this stuff, and something worked, since it got balanced out and we have a family now. But, I really the diet was the most important component. The drugs I was prescribed (diabetes drugs, since my condition was basically considered pre-diabetes) were just nasty, made you queasy 24/7. After a few weeks on them, I decided to see what the alternative medicine world could do for me.

    I looked up the name of the Boiron homeopathic stuff, since I got lazy before and didn't look up the name, it's Lobelia Inflata.